Whatever mistake has trapped you in a cycle of regret, God is big enough to redeem it.

What could you do with a life beyond regret?

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"The great need in human life is a 'Do-Over.' Here it is! I can not imagine anybody who would not benefit from this book."

John Ortberg, Senior Pastor of Menlo Church, author of All The Places To Go

We all have regrets about the past. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. Dave and Jon Ferguson call this back and forth between longing and regret the Sorry Cycle—and they want to help us escape it.

In Starting Over, Dave and Jon show us how to recognize specific regrets and then release them to God as we learn to see our regrets as opportunities to start over. Finally, we can see God redeem our regrets as he takes the worst things in our lives and uses them for a greater good.

Whatever is trapping you in the Sorry Cycle, God is big enough to redeem it. Nothing needs to keep you from the joy God has for your life! What could you do with a life beyond regret?

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We all have regrets. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. The problem is many of us get stuck in in an endless cycle of longing and regret, unable to move forward. In this guide, Dave and Jon Ferguson want to help people recognize specific regrets, release them to God, and learn to see regrets as an opportunity to start over. Group leaders will find a session-by-session guide at the back of this guide. We can start over and live a life beyond regret.

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"Starting Over is a remarkable grace-filled invitation to move past regrets. Dave & Jon Ferguson take us on a journey filled with story and scripture that guides the reader from a pain-filled past into a positive and redemptive future. Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets is a life-changing book you need to read and will want to give to others!"

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries

"Dave and Jon Ferguson have built one of the most dynamic and influential churches in America through their passion for telling others about the love of Jesus. Their Spirit-filled energy and vision flows through their book, Starting Over with the life-changing message of redemption and grace."

Nicky Gumbel, Lead Pastor, Holy Trinity Brompton

"Starting Over drives home the message that God has an unending promise of redemption for us. We live in a fallen world and will deal with regrets in this life. This incredibly powerful book helps us walk through the process of recognizing, releasing, and redeeming our regrets, through repentance and forgiveness, so we can give glory to God and live in the freedom he desires for each one of us. Our staff plans to take hold of his tool and our congregation will experience its impact. I know you will, too."

Joby Martin, Lead Pastor, The Church of Eleven22

“We all have regrets. Thankfully, we are reminded by Dave and Jon Ferguson that everything is going to be okay. This book is filled with stories and practical steps to learn how to be okay and overcome regret. It is an inspiring and compelling message of hope and freedom. Let Starting Over be the launching pad for a new season of regret-free living and leading!”

Brad Lomenick, former president of Catalyst; author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership

"I'm not perfect. I've experienced regrets. Starting Over provides practical next steps to neither suppress nor forget but rather redeem the regrets I've experienced in my life. Unless you're perfect, and none of us are, I think you'll appreciate this opportunity for a new start as well."

Tony Morgan, Founder & Chief Strategic Officer of The Unstuck Group

“Regrets are part of the human condition, but how we process them is key to how we will live beyond them. In Starting Over, the Ferguson brothers provide insight and tools to help us live beyond regret and into the new opportunities for life and flourishing that God has for each of us.”

Debra Hirsch, author of Redeeming Sex and Untamed

About the Authors

Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is an award-winning author, founding and lead pastor of Chicago’s Community Christian Church, a multi-site missional community considered one of the most influential churches in America. Dave is also the visionary for the international church-planting movement NewThing and president of the Exponential Conference. Dave and his wife, Sue, have three terrific children and live in Naperville, Illinois.

Jon Ferguson

Jon Ferguson is founding pastor of Community Christian Church in Chicagoland where he provides leadership in new ventures. He also leads the team of Staff Champions across all Community locations and serves as one of COMMUNITY’s Lead Teaching Pastors. He also co-founded NewThing, an international movement of reproducing churches. He and his wife, Lisa, have two children and live in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

"Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets is a life-changing book you need to read and will want to give to others!"

Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor, North Point Ministries